Sunday, June 17, 2007

Welcome to Strangers in the Background!

I’m currently working on getting everything up and running but let me start you off with the general idea.

We all have photos with strangers in the background. Some are on vacation, some at local events, even family gatherings. We could be looking at these same strangers for years and know nothing about them except they way they looked at a particular moment in time.

This site is a collection of such photos organized by location and date where people can submit photos and also look for themselves and people they know in the backgrounds.

If you would like to submit a photo (or multiple photos) please send an email to [strangersinthebackground at gmail dot com] with the following information:

  • attached photo(s)
  • location (city, province/state, country, event/specific locale)
  • date (year month and day - estimations must be noted)
  • a couple sentences describing what’s going on in the photo

I reserve the right to edit the photo for size and possibly decency as well as to edit the description for grammar and flow if necessary.

1 comment:

Cordelia said...

This is a cool idea. Way to go! I might submit some photos soon.