Saturday, July 28, 2007

Rib Fest, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, June 24 2007

In this photo I am posing as a Rib Monster. Shortly after this (about 6 hours) I gave up meat altogether. This was my first half-rack of the day, more were to follow and disastrous consequences ensued. Now most of Rib Fest (officially titled the International Chicken & Rib Cook-Off) takes place on Sparks Street but there was no seating so we headed over to a little pavilion on the corner of Wellington and Metcalfe right in front of Parliament Hill. It was quite windy.

Photo by Matt Lewis (represented by the shadow on the bottom left)

Lynx Game, Ottawa, Ontario Canada , July 22 2007

On of the last Lynx games before the team moves to the USA. It was busier than it looks here because we were sitting right behind first base and most people were behin3 home plate and 3rd base. As with the theme of this site, I only know the people in the foreground. Who are the others?

Photo taken by Matt Lewis